Thursday, February 17, 2011

How to make a Styrofoam airplane ?

Making paper airplanes is a classic game that entertains a lot, usually it is done with blank sheets of notebook or journal. In this project teach you to do one of a larger size and volume, we can launch to fly or leave it hanging like ornaments from the ceiling of a room.
The plane will have a length of 50 cm and a width of 60 cm wings. It is made of foam board, a Styrofoam carton having inside, this material is very strong, easy to work and cut. It is widely used in models and design objects.
1-Making Template

* The plane has 3 parts: body, wings and spoiler. The shape of the aircraft may vary according to taste, but you can also print this design and adjust their actions to those stated herein.
     * The body of the plane has a length of 50 cms.
     * The wings have a length of 60 cm and a width of 12 cms. Their top corners are rounded, this can be done freehand or help of a compass.
     * The spoiler is a piece whose lower edge is 20 cm, has a width of 8 cm and 3 cm each side, diagonal from where they join the top edge measuring 10 cms.
     * Cut the template with scissors.

2- Foam board sheathing

* Paste the luster paper on both sides of the foam board, you can use liquid silicone or glue stick. The idea is to have at least 2 colors, one for the body of the plane and one for the wings and spoiler.
     * It is important to use a lightweight paper for not adding more weight to the aircraft and can fly.

3- Marcar plantilla

Trespassing with a pencil to mine the templates to the foam board.

* With the utility knife to cut the pieces of the plane, using a metal ruler as a guide.
     * To cut the foam board, you must first make a line on board, and then review with the knife as often as necessary to dislodge the piece.

5- Drafts

* To make the assembly drafts must be made in the body of the plane, tail and wings, which are cut the same way with utility knife and metal ruler.
     * The body of the plane is just the center, or 25 cms. At that point, measure the width of the wings that is 12 cm, 6 cm counting on each side of center. Towards the front of the plane 3 cm have more to fit the wing. The thickness of this scale is 4 mm, which is the thickness of foam board.
     * The tail of the plane going to a depth of 4 cm long and 4 mm wide (the thickness of material). The location of this scale is a little higher than the center of the tail.
     * This same depth (4 cm x 4 mm) have to hand it over to wing in order to make the lace.
     * In the wing are just a draft center, ie at 30 cm, this depth is 3 inches long and is to fit the wing on the aircraft body.


* Fit the wing stall the aircraft body.
     * Assemble the aileron to the plane's tail.



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