Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Compressed air cannon turret Tupper, a remote control!An Airsoft Gun

In recent years, many different forms of DIY towers and sentry guns made ​​for paintball, airsoft and traditional air guns have been revealed through the web. With the current state of electronic fans is actually very easy to build your own gun turret or sentry.
With this in mind, I started to build my own turret that I'll be able to use against my enemies. Style Airsoft. I'll try to put as many steps in building this impressive tower airsoft from start to finish to make it simpler to play.

View full turret:

How to make a puff

For those who want to decorate your home, make a nice gift, or microenterprise start with, I leave a post on how to do a puff.
How to make a pear puff (poof or pouf)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Turn on the lights in your house with the computer

Turn the lights on your home computer by Enigmaelectronica

This is a project which is often mixed with the electronic programming, joining them with interfaces, which in this case, it is through an optocoupler.
The idea is based on a series of power control 8 devices [usually lights] in a house orany place requiring the control of electricity by remote.
In my previous post publish my compilation of Turbo Pascal, which is patched andready to use without risking the dreaded BSOD error in DOS:
Why choose Pascal?
1) First, because language is a fast and easy.
2) At the time of compiling libraries not needed.
3) For this project we will use a powerful computer
4) Can be used without installing executable first, without even having to use anyoperating system, at least MS-DOS have enough.
Interface Diagram
Here is the interface used to connect the parallel port of the computer:

How to make homemade furniture and pallet recycling

This post will show some ideas of how to make furniture with something that is usually discarded, the wooden pallets.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Make lamps with wine glasses

The idea behind this is to manufacture lamps for formal parties. These screens are placed in glasses of wine with a candle inside, giving a very good picture.

How to make a clock in the style Dalí

To continue assembling new models of watches, here we have a very original. It's about doing the typical surrealist Salvador Dali clock with a vinyl record.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

How to make an electric guitar

The electric guitar is a stringed instrument with one or more electromagnetic transducers, called pickups (pickups, in English), which convert string vibrations into electrical signals can be amplified and processed. There are no sounding guitars (electric guitar sound) or a smaller box than usual (semi), which may have shaped holes to the outside in "f" similar to the soundboards of violins and other acoustic instruments.

How to make a toy that simulates snow to shake

How the famous snowball to shake the feeling of snow in it, here we see how to make this simple toy, but instead of a ball going to use a jar. What you need is a CD, a clear jar with lid, glue, a little water and anything you want to put inside.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Electric Stogie Box Guitar

Though guitar production has progessed beyond anyone's expectations in the past hundred years, there is an extended history to indicate that you don't require much to create a guitar. All you require is a case to resound the sound, a board of could to function as the fretboard, a few screws, and some string. By virtue of its effortlessness and moment compensate component, it is still quite pleasure to assemble one of the aforementioned universal custom made guitars.

Yet, it could be a small senseless to disregard every last trace of the fantastic things that have happened to guitars in the final hundred or something like that years. With this in personality, we are determined to be carrying this stogie confine to the current period by intensifying it with a piezo contact pickup and a volume handle.

HOW TO MAKE USB Aquarium light

This is a motion picture excercise on the most proficient method to construct a USB aquarium powered by a under-rock LED BULB that is powered by a USB port.

WARNING : Don't put costly sea creatures, or those sort of sea creatures which are delicate to DC Currents

(Brand new water tigers, Cat fish, Eels, sharks are the best equipped decision and suggested ones)

Don't do this activity in a saline water tank, resulting from the fact that salt directs more power.