Saturday, July 4, 2015

Making Iron Throne Game Of Thrones

As we have seen and I have discussed above, there are many fans of Game of Thrones, and we can not deny that over time has become a great series.

One of the fans has been dedicated to rebuild one of the most emblematic elements of the series: The Iron Throne. Unlike the original, here they were not used swords, or any type of metal, only material that looks like foam rubber and paint. We can not deny that the end result is pretty cool

How to make a homemade electric saw


The electric saw is an apparatus which uses electricity, but can serve different purposes, either cut sheets of paper, until not very solid fruits like watermelons. That's why here will be described step by step how it was built this device and its various materials.


Create an electrical device capable of cutting not very solid materials.


For the creation of this electrical apparatus I need to:

· Electric motor of 1,5VDC to 4,5VDC

Thursday, July 2, 2015


Wooden pallets are widely used in the storage of all materials and once used many of them end up being discarded. The quality of the wood allows many of them can be recycled to end up being a perfect furniture made of pallets.
DIY in this manual will give you some ideas of how to make home furniture with pallets. We will not go into details, because each piece will need more or less work as we want to design it.
Only we'll show some pictures to give you an idea of what can be achieved by recycling pallets to become home furniture.

You can spare a Pallets?or you can get?


It is that I think we all have to reach some pallets.
So ...: You can spare a Pallets? or you can get?
Wood pallets is very good to make a few economic super fit furniture. Here you have some photos with everything you can do. It costs nothing to try because the pallets used, usually thrown away.

15 furniture you can create with pallets

Pallets recycled furniture

It is not a novelty in Sustainable Design and Decoration, discuss Reuse pallets for ecological furniture. Today not only we will show you ideas to make recycled furniture, but also give you some tips to choose them well before reuse.

The origin of the things you reuse is very important when it comes to reuse, as these objects can come from industries that use chemicals or processes not very earth friendly and health.
Check your sources before reuse