Wednesday, July 31, 2013

HOME Projector for cell phone or smartphone

Fun and easy that anyone can do in 15-20 minutes. The projector does not cost me anything because the materials had already at home, in any case the things you need to build it are worthless. Its operation is simple, Smartphone light travels through the lens increases the image on a wall. Getting it is as simple as doing.


1. A shoe box 
2. A knife 
3. Electrical tape 
4. A magnifying glass 
5. A marker 
6. LEGO's (I used cardboard simply because I have not lego's of those) 
7. Hot glue gun (or something to glue the cardboard magnifying glass)
                                              2. PREPARE THE BOX

The less light in and out, the clearer the picture becomes


Start by finding the center of the box and mark it. Then put the magnifying glass in the center and edges m├írcale the pen. Then he takes the knife and cuts the circle of the lens, try to do the more perfect. Place the magnifying glass in the circle and paste it with a glue gun or tape. Use the tools you want while fits and no light or leaving the edges of the circle. Here would be smart to make a couple of holes for the charger cord from your Smartphone and speaker cable. After passing the cables make sure no light coming or going. In the picture you can see how the handle magnifier has therefore also paste the box, so that everything is sturdy and rigid.

                                                                 HOLE FOR THE WIRE


Align your Smartphone with magnifier so it is right in the center of the screen. Some are not all screen Smartphones have of 2-5 cm of buttons at the bottom. In that case make sure the SCREEN! is in the center of the lens and not the phone itself .... I hope I have expressed myself clearly draws a line with the pen, to mark the position and not have to find the point more times.

We want the smartphone is as vertical as possible. A stand of LEGO's perfect, but but you can build it with cardboard or clay, provided that it is vertical and stable.

using it ...

To use places the smartphone in the box, mounted on the stand but facedown (otherwise you will see the image on the wall inversada). Open an image to your mobile. Align it with the magnifying glass as dialed before the pen. Turn off lights and projected on a wall. Begin to adjust the basis of the smartphone until the image is sharp. Then you might want to mark the position for not looking again in the future.

Tips: • If the image is dark, try to raise the brightness to your Smartphone from your options • If still looks off, try to stay FULLY room dark. • Paint the black box inside for a clearer picture. • To enlarge an image or make it smaller, or about the base away • To improve image quality, white Project it against something, even if you have to stick on your wall folios dont really is half white gray but you do not realize

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