Friday, November 4, 2011

Make lamps with wine glasses

The idea behind this is to manufacture lamps for formal parties. These screens are placed in glasses of wine with a candle inside, giving a very good picture.
Materials and Tools:

     Parchment paper
     Decorative Scissors
     Decorative Drill
     Glue or glue
     Wine Glasses

* These tools are not essential, you can replace them as you want.

     Print the template to make the screens (to download the template click HERE.)
     Draw this template in parchment paper and cut it out
     With decorative scissors and paper taldro drawings do you want (And if you do not have holes or decorative scissors, decorate to your liking with a pen or with normal scissors.
     Board ends and what will paste the screen (with a very finite strip of glue)
     Put a candle in the cup and place the screen.

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