Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How to make a puff

For those who want to decorate your home, make a nice gift, or microenterprise start with, I leave a post on how to do a puff.
How to make a pear puff (poof or pouf)
A puff pear, is an excellent variant of classic puff if you have little place, because its base is smaller. An economical solution for housing young people or young children's rooms.

Like fabric (canvas, cloth upholstery, ecocuero, etc)
Expanded polystyrene beads (can be 8's packaging) or plastic bags for filling
2 seals (one for the top and one for the base, internal lining and outer respectively)
Steps to follow:
This consists of two puff sleeves, a fabric that external and internal choose lienzillo.

To make the cover of lienzillo, let's cut four main segments of equal size to form the body.

Then cut the upper and lower base.

In the upper base must put a closure to later fill.

To begin with assembly, you sew the straight portions of the segments above the upper base.

Once attached to the top where it is closing, begins to sew the segments together to go arming the body.

And finally, I join the lower base, and it is closed.

To complete the remaining case only fill it with polystyrene balls or plastic bags (not biodegradable).

To make the outer cover should perform the same procedure with the difference that this time, the closure you have to put in the bottom and not at the top.

For this case it is advisable to choose a durable fabric like denim, gabardine or Panama, and if it is for a child's room, the better the ecocuero.

The only thing left to do is place the internal lining on the outside, and you are ready for use.

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