Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Here we show the steps how to make homemade liquid soap both for washing and for washing hands. With the 2 soaps recycle, since one can take the remains of bars of soap that are left and in another we can reuse the oil used in cooking.

Liquid soap for washing

By mixing the caustic soda and water is essential to follow some basic safety precautions: wear goggles, apron, mask and gloves.

-One liter of used oil (drained and clean).
-200 G of caustic soda
'A teaspoon salt
-Two liters of water.
-Soap powder, fabric softener, essential oils, ... (optional)

1. In a ventilated area if possible outdoors, mix in a small bowl and soda water (with the security measures described above, trying not to breathe the fumes). It should be completely dissolved.

2. Add the oil, salt and mix in the same direction.

3. With a wooden spoon and do not use, stir for 45 minutes resting at intervals.

4. Let stand for two days and move from time to time. During this time, but it will break hardened layer is formed.

5. After these two days will warm water until almost boiling and we will add to the mixture of oil and soda and stir vigorously until it runs with the texture of a gel. If more heat more water and follow the same process.

6. At this point you can add scents, soap powder, oats, ....

7. Pour it into bottles or empty bottles

8. Let stand one week before use.

 Liquid hand soap

This is an environmentally and economically to take advantage of soap scum that we are left at home, using all ingredients and utensils at hand. And only take us about 20 minutes to get ready.


-1 Liters of water
-1 Cup grated soap scraps
-1 Tbsp pure glycerin (sold in pharmacies or drugstores.)
-Essential oils, fragrance, dyes, ... (optional)


-Stainless steel pot with a capacity of 3 liters.
-Wooden spoon.
-Bottle 2 liters plastic stopper.


1. Pour 1 liter of water in the pot and place over medium heat ma.

2. When hot, add the soap, glycerin and fragrance you have chosen, stirring constantly.

3. When the soap has dissolved, remove from heat and let cool.

When cold pour the soap into the bottle, label with the date of manufacture and expiry (stored up to 6 months). Keep the soap in a cool, dry place out of reach of children.


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