Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How to make a solar panel

In times of crisis, or to promote green consumption of alternative energy , it is essential to save energy. A good way is to install solar panels which will contribute to the saving of a clean and green. We explain how to build solar panels for your home .


Now you can enjoy significant power if you pay attention to the following guidelines.
To start with these panels solar , must perform a plywood box 3 to 8 inches thick, so that the edges are close to not produce shadows at 36 parts required.Cells can choose 3 x 6 inch single crystal divided into two groups of 18.Remember that are fragile items that must be handled delicately, since they are the thickness of a sheet of paper.
Must be cleaned with hot water if they are new and come covered in wax, but not too cold or boiled water, and manage them with tweezers. If you do not want to spend so choose some slightly damaged that can get on the Internet and work perfectly.
Once cleaned, they will be able to weld upside down. The three groups of 6 cells must be connected in series, so put the plant upside down, and gently pass plexiglass above all to protect against climate change.
As for the panels of wood, you must add two new pieces of the same material, or other non-current conductor, and incorporated within. This will serve to subdivide and build consistency in the blanks.
Before placing the cells in solar panels , the wood make holes in the bottom and center of both divisions, allowing the air pressure maintained, ventilation and prevent possible moisture. Paint all the support.
Take the attached cells whose spaces are identical and put some silicone in the middle of each. Incorporate them to the wood base with gentle pressure. The two blocks are joined through a cable that goes through the ventilation holes.Stir in a socket outlet, try the solar panels and seal.

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