Wednesday, May 15, 2013

How to make the Amulet "Tree of Life"

This small amulet Tree of Life will help you cope with life's challenges, overcome obstacles and adversity. (Click the image above)

Materials you will need:

1.-wire colors or a single color, chrome, copper etc..
2.-Beads, beads or grains, as you call it.
3.-Tools tongs turns round to give the wire, or just our "fingers" that will be very good exercise ...

What is important is to know the meaning of the colors to place beads or beads, that most interest us, depending on the desire to want to obtain.

Red - the color of passion, love and relationships. If you need luck in love-Use it.
Pink - the color of tenderness, understanding and vitality. If you want to improve family relationships and understanding within the family or to get rid of depression, choose shades of pink.
Orange - the color of a call to action. If you want to discover a new capacity, free from all bondage, radically change life - then this color is right for your amulet.
Yellow stimulates mental ability, helps in learning. If you need luck in learning something, then give priority.
Green - the color of vitality. If you need to restore your health, then this is the color you should use.
Blue - the color of achievement and spiritual interest. If you want to change for the better, to rise above earthly passions, then this color will suit what you want.
Purple - the color of the highest goodness, love and wisdom. It helps to balance the physical and spiritual energy.

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