Sunday, September 29, 2013

Tips for a pop art decor

 If you like DIY, the decorations fun and colorful, then you have to know the tips for pop art décor that today we are going to teach.

Deco by art for the walls

The colorful walls are perfect for this type of decoration, not have to worry about how to combine a wall painted pink, purple or lilac with decorations for the house we have, as the pop art style is based on striking.

 The pop art wall decor is customary to do with pictures of favorite animated cartoons children or our children. It is also customary to put large soft sculptures inside the house to make it look more like a museum, but if that kind of sculptures like you can not replace with a sign that we decorate ourselves.

Tips to decorate easily pop art style

In any decoration, furniture is important and in pop art are no exception. No need to change the furniture just have to decorate it: We can upholster the chairs with screens that have the prints of the drawings of children or action heroes of cartoons we watched in our childhood. We can also give it a more striking by adding some modern decorative pillows or bright turquoise color you prefer.

How to decorate the kitchen with pop art style

In the kitchen we can install a floor of black and white tiles create a floor similar to a chess board and placed on the walls some pictures of Marilyn Monroe.

One way to decorate the shelves is putting classic soda bottles as well as putting in some cabinet doors cereal box labels.
Another tip is to put at the entrance of the kitchen, a picture made of macaroni, this way we will give a more striking to the kitchen decor.

With these tips for pop art décor , you can renew the look of your kitchen without spending much money.

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