Thursday, October 3, 2013

Make wooden tables with wire coils

As discussed in our article on how to make recycled pallet furniture , there are many materials that we can use and recycle to become furniture for our home or garden.

Another such item is usable wooden bobbins for winding electrical or telephone wiring. These coils can be recycled and turned into a nice table without any effort.

With a simple sanding and varnishing and will list your table, but you can always paint colors to your liking or make other more difficult designs.

These coils can find them in many sizes so you can take advantage of smaller to make tables for your phone indoors ....

... And take advantage of larger and heavier to make tables for the garden almost indestructible:

If you dare and have time for a little DIY something more complicated, you can draw, drawing tables and chairs and wood forms of this type of wooden bobbins:

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