Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Children's rooms, 7 original walls and easy

As I always say, sometimes just a small detail to renew the children's room decoration. May be the headboards, or custom furniture. Today we bring you a very effective and quick way to renovate the appearance of children's bedrooms: 7 original and easy walls.

We will see how to change the "look" to children wall painting ideas simple, small and easy to place vinyl economic, and even washi tape. Would you like to see these ideas in children's decor?

Children's rooms, walls with color sectors

If you like to create a focus on the walls but you urge with murals or large vinyl children, a simple idea is to use the paint. If you are going to paint the room, take the time to make a decoration with the same paint will not cost any more effort or more money. Look for example how nice effect is achieved by creating a simple silhouette of house on a corner where we want to focus attention, could be where the bed is located. It's just a matter of dividing the colored areas with masking tape.

We can also create two color sectors along all walls, using two contrasting colors. I loved this room with peaks, it looks like a mountain! Again just need mask with masking tape so that the lines are very precise us.

Children's rooms, walls with small vinyl or stencil

If the paint is in good condition and intend to renew the walls unpainted vinyl are the easiest option. We can choose small stickers that are purchased at specialty stores, or even make them ourselves, buying vinyl per meter in DIY stores or libraries.
If we choose a simple design, such as the triangle, we can cut ourselves with the cutter. If we want a more complex drawing, we can order a company labeled us to cut the amount needed.
We can also do it with stencil, and I had explained how to decorate the walls with children stencil some time. In all cases we must take action and make some marks on the wall with a pencil drawings to form a regular pattern and are at the same distance from each other.
If we use a slightly larger drawings (either vinyl or painted with stencil), we must consider the location of furniture and shelves. A good trick, which is very nice, is to incorporate the shelf to the drawing, as in this case with clouds.

Children's rooms, walls with washi tape


Do you have washi tape at home?You have already solved the problem! This idea is very practical because the washi tape does not damage the wall and removed easily, so once you would want to change the decor of the wall, it will not cost you anything. This idea is very simple: a grid of crosses made with two pieces of folded heat. All you have to do is mark with a pencil previously wherever you need to go every cross, then cut all more or less the same length pieces.

Which of all these ideas to renew children's rooms you liked most?

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