Thursday, July 2, 2015

15 furniture you can create with pallets

1-First you got to check that the pallet does not have oil stains (Since it may be contaminated with hazardous or special waste); How do you see? .... You have to make a general inspection of wood before buying. You not have to have oil stains, what you have because most of these objects are used in industries considered hazardous may not discard.

2-Assesses the merits of who sells them and ask you: What was your previous use? The idea is not that you bring to your house objects dangerous to your family.

3-If encontras on the street, must do the same ... just a simple visual inspection.
4-If you have stains but do not seem dangerous, you have to sand it well and paint in the open (or with adequate ventilation) before entering it at home.

Also you can get new at very good prices .... but if your idea is to recycle we recommend you follow the above 4 steps. Having said that, we proceed to show creative and simple ideas to make your furniture, objects of sustainable design.


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