Saturday, July 4, 2015

How to make a homemade electric saw


The electric saw is an apparatus which uses electricity, but can serve different purposes, either cut sheets of paper, until not very solid fruits like watermelons. That's why here will be described step by step how it was built this device and its various materials.


Create an electrical device capable of cutting not very solid materials.


For the creation of this electrical apparatus I need to:

· Electric motor of 1,5VDC to 4,5VDC

· Rule type bracket
· 1 cover tin
· 1 kola loka dropper type
 A 9V battery

Now for making electric saw the following steps are made:

1. the lid of the can so that they are blades on the surface, so to cut things we will be easier to cut.

2. We combine the top of the can with the electric motor sticking with kola loka

3. Now the engine and the 9V battery in the rule, so that the motor is attached to the side stick.

4. With the motor wires we verified that it works well.

We chose this project because it is a very interesting and easy to do besides that required to carry out economic and easily accessible materials.

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