Thursday, October 3, 2013

How to make recycled cardboard furniture

In this new DIY tutorial will teach you to make new use of the cardboard, which may seem to be a weak material, with lots to do useful things. 
On this occasion I will give you some ideas, make furniture from recycled cardboard. 

Overall could say that there are two ways to convert the cardboard into something solid enough to make it a piece of furniture that can be used without danger of breaking.

The first is to create an interlocking structure based on layers of cardboard, in which the interior of the hollow structure but is relatively stable enough to withstand a certain weight. It has the advantage of requiring fewer sheets of cardboard to create the furniture, but also has more work and can be somewhat more complicated to do.In the following tables and chairs you can see how they crisscross the sheets to make furniture using relatively little solid cardboard.

To make this type of furniture, we need to create us our own templates with appropriate cuts and sizes to fit the sheets together. In the following video you can see how to use this technique to make shelves:

Another way to make furniture with this material, it is just hitting each several layers of cardboard to have a thickness that allows us to make the full cabinet or any of its parts. It is as if we were to use wooden planks, but paste made ​​from several layers each carton.

It does not hurt to finish the furniture the carton fill in the gaps with some putty, give a layer of glue and finish with a good painted the color you want. Also to make it more decorative, not even noticing that is furniture made with cardboard.

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